Saturday, 17 March 2012

Healthy Vagina

Have you ever felt that feeling of emptiness?  As physical beings it is natural for us to seek a physical connection and intimacy within a relationship.  If our sexual needs are suppressed this could cause an imbalance within our emotional and physical needs and be detrimental to our health.

There are many single ladies out there who are "Cancer Warriors" fighting to hold onto life a little longer and searching for intimacy as nature intended.  There are many links made to the fact that a healthy sex life has a profound positive effect on your wellbeing.  But these ladies must not get lost in their search to settle for a sexual encounter that will leave them feeling empty. 
For a relationship to last in a healthy way both partners must feel a pureness in the exchange of energies during intimacy. When two compatible people come together, entwining their physical and spiritual beings together in a sexual expression then the exchange of energies can be overwhelmingly beautiful.  If you choose to give yourself in an intimate way to a partner who feeds from your loving energy but does not return it, then that feeling of emptiness will get deeper and deeper which may exasperate a feeling of loneliness within the relationship.  Sometimes in life you may find a partner where the connection is so powerful and beautiful but, out of the blue, with no explanation they decide to end it.  This can be an extremely painful time and you must make sure that within the emotional hurt you will be feeling that you do not lose sense of who you are. If you lose a sense of your true essence then this can open the way for disease.

Breast cancer treatment is ruthless on the female body.  Many of us are thrown into an early menopause and then given drugs to inhibit the natural production of our female hormones that are essential to the healthy balance of our bodies.  We know of the obvious side affects such as  lethargy and changes in body temperature but one of the most unspoken areas that it affects is the vagina.  Whether you have cancer or not as a woman you must keep your vagina healthy and very few doctors will prompt a discussion on this with you.  One of the best ways is to have sex to keep the walls of the vagina healthy by keeping it moisturised and maintaining the elasticity.  So you ladies out there with a partner are lucky, well as long as it is a healthy relationship.  Now, those of you who are single, well you need to keep up the maintenance.  So as much as you follow a skin care regime to your face and body you also need to take care of your intimate lady bits.

The fall in estrogen levels due to the cancer treatment can cause the tissue of the vagina to become thinner and this causes painful sex, but it can be rectified.   

There is a non-hormonal vaginal moisturiser called Replense.  If you are a cancer patient you may be able to  get this on prescription.  Aloe vera gel is also very good to use as a lubricant and it has powerful healing properties, check first to make sure you are not allergic to it.  To keep the vaginal tract healthy it needs to be stimulated.    Vaginal dilators are a safe way to self treat this condition. Talk to your doctor about it you may be able to get them on prescription or here is a link to buy your own
 “Designed in conjunction with psychosexual therapists, Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators help women to familiarise themselves with their body and build confidence at a pace that they decide suits them best.”

When cancer challenges your femininity it takes an extreme amount of courage to enter into a new intimate relationship.  But when cancer becomes life limiting then it can seem that your prospects are reduced because too many people are conditioned to look too far into the future instead of enjoying the now, and potential partners can be put off.  You must not collapse into a sense of “Who would want me?” and open yourself up to negative energies. You must also be aware of what sex means to you.  Having cancer can make us feel emotionally fragile and we benefit from close bonding relationships, so until you are ready for a sexual relationship, keep your vagina healthy! 

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Maria. You have written so sensitively, wisely and intelligently about a subject that seems to become taboo when linked with cancer. I really appreciate your generosity in sharing your thoughts and practical advice on a subject that matters so much to our holistic well-being... our sense of self and of being a woman. I wish you peace and

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Sara. I hope readers will feel the same as you.
      I wish you Peace and Harmony! xx xx