Monday, 5 March 2012

Pure Happiness

Happiness is one of those emotional experiences that many of us enjoy feeling, it lifts your spirits and gives you energy and it has the power to override feelings of sorrow that you manifest. So why do you not feel happy all the time if it is so good?

 All of your emotions are personal constructs that generate from your brain and so sometimes the happy feeling is not able to mature and last because it is blocked by the ego the “I am”.
You are controlled by your ego; the same egocentric force that can give you arrogance can also make you feel inadequate.  When you have a life limiting illness it takes a lot of courage and faith to believe and trust yourself because this is when you realise you are alone in the sense that your frame of mind is the only thing that will make or break you, and it is controlled by you. 
Our Western way of living conditions our egos to create attachments.  We attach ourselves to people for fear of being alone; we pursue money relentlessly for fear of insecurity without it. Security does not really exist because the future is unknown so best not to spend your life depending on one thing.  There is also no point in stressing over things that are not that important. So what if my bedroom is messy, I will tidy it when it gets to the point that I cannot find my red lipstick?  (Like yesterday!) Sometimes when we desperately want something we seem to push it further away from us. Maybe this is because our true sense of self is not fully formed, so we only experience snippets of happiness, that our perception of true happiness can only be felt in a dream, it is something to strive for but the “Happy Ever Afters” only exist in movies and fairy stories.

 Have you ever been in a rush driving somewhere and you hit all the red traffic lights but on the days when you have plenty of time all the traffic lights are green?  This phenomenon is termed “The Law of Detachment”.  In order to successfully attract something you must detach yourself from the outcome.  To be attached to your goal is giving power to it, so when you are looking outside yourself to find fulfilment from other sources then you are giving the power away.

I have lived my life the way society expected me to, I have always worked and achieved a BSc with the Open University while bringing up two children on my own, and now I am terminally ill, so it’s time for me to take a different approach. I know I have a long way to go but the purpose of life is growth, I do not want to stagnate I want to keep my energies flowing and in a positive way. We are magnetic and we draw people and situations to us in the way that we feel.   I need to channel my energies into developing my own goals of happiness but before I can do that I need to de-clutter the destructive conditioning in my brain and allow myself to get to know pure happiness. 

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  1. Just caught up on your blog entries. You really are pretty amazing.

    (Posted on Facebook link 6 Mar 2012)

  2. Once again, well done! I've even shared this because I think you raise some interesting issues that I - and others - grapple with :-/ but :-)

    (Posted on Facebook link 6 Mar 2012)

  3. thanks for this...was feeling bit low and it reminded me of the truth of what you're saying. There's a good buddhist book you might find interesting - "The Way It Is" by Ajahn Sumedho

    (Posted on Facebook link 10 Mar 2012)

  4. As I read this I can imagine us sitting in the cafe putting the world to right over many cups of coffee!!! Miss you and miss our chats. You are one of the strongest women I know . Take care . Sue xxxxx

    1. Thanks to you all for your lovely comments. And Sue I miss you too, we need to do something about that! Be kind to yourself! x xx x

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