About Me

I am stage 4, there is no stage 5.   Those of you in the “Know” will identify that I am referring to my diagnosis of cancer.   

So I have secondary breast cancer in my bones, but that is just a fragment of who I am. I have many facets to my character, I’m also a mother,  a single woman, a sister, a daughter, a photographer, a dancer, a reiki practitioner, a life coach, a crafter, a good listener, a philosopher , a good friend to many and I’m sure I have left some things out. I wish I was a good singer. But,  I have another one to add because now I am also a Blogger!

I created, with the help of nature, two beautiful people, a daughter and son, and I raised them mostly as a single parent.  Friends say I am a strong character and I have certainly faced many challenges in my life that have sculptured me to become the person I am today. 
I  love to create and hopefully I will be able to craft my words and ideas in a way that will entice you on a journey of your own discovery.  I am optimistic that sharing my blog with you will open up your awareness and enrich the quality of your own life. 

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  1. Hello Maria! :) I read your blog today and truly liked it - so true, so sincere, so well written! Thank you for sharing all the ideas, thank you for being the beautifully strong person you are! Big hug, Cristina A. xxx