Sunday, 8 April 2012

Venus, Jupiter, Mars

A few weeks ago I was out with my daughter just as the sun was setting. She pointed to the sky and said. “Look Mam there is Venus and Jupiter, and over there is Mars!” I looked up to the sky and saw these planets and responded with, “Wow! Venus is my ruling planet!” and I felt this strange connection and my daughter stated that she felt it very comforting to be able to see planets that were in our solar system.  For me it gave me this sense of belonging to something so magnificent, our galaxy.  I am part of something that is so complex and difficult to understand and there are over 3,000 galaxies within the Universe!

As the sunsets if you look to the west, no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to see Venus and Jupiter so clearly.  They will shine for about four hours after sunset.  Venus is the larger brighter star.  Then if you look to the east you will see Mars which has a reddish glow.  Mars will shine from dusk till dawn. During the month of April Saturn will become visible too!  If you want more information click on the link.

We owe our life to the stars, we were born from them.  Our bodies are made up of all the elements in the periodic table and these come from the stars.  Simply as we breathe we are exchanging elements such as Carbon Dioxide with the trees and plants.  The food that we eat comes from the earth, be it plant or animal, and when we eat we are ingesting these elements, they are integrated into the cells and atoms of our bodies.  Everyone of us are exchanging particles within our Universe, just by breathing.  Throughout our lives we are continuously replacing our essential elements within our bodies and when we die these are broken down and go back into the Earth.  And the cycle of life goes on. So let us just think about this process, this means that within our bodies we have particles from life on this planet that lived millions of years ago!  The water on our planet is constantly being recycled through evaporation and condensation, it is billions of years old and we drink it!

Beneath all natural phenomena there is a sense of order and consistency, it is not rigid but free flowing, an energy which binds us together.  We are all part of this energy force but we have the choice and free will to go our own way.  We all have the capacity to tap into this limitless Universal Energy to carry us towards our greatest potential, but sometimes we forget this in a time of crisis.  When facing a life limiting illness there are days when the darkness consumes you and you feel trapped unable to progress to your true potential because the medical treatment and decisions you have to make about it are overwhelming. Many of us will have experienced points in our lives when we have fallen into darkness and doubt.  When we hear ourselves saying, “What’s the point of it all?” these are the times when you need to look into yourself, your true essence.

Sometimes when we try to enhance the quality of our lives we put too much energy into filling our existence with “things to do” filling the space around us to make us feel secure, because we have a need to belong to something and not to feel alone.  Have you ever felt that sense of awe when seeing a natural beauty, like an incredible sunset, a view from a mountain top and it consumes you and for that moment you do not feel alone? This is a connection that our rational minds find difficult to comprehend but it is also a time when you realise that the physical things that we surround ourselves with have no real bearing on our lives.  Take time out and enjoy the beauty around you. Do some sky watching; connect with the energies around you.

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